Ble Patumrach Wet & Wild Songkran Festival

Watch Ble Patumrach performing live at the Wet and Wild Songkran Festival 2023.

Ble At The Festival

About Ble Patumrach

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Ble Patumrach is a shining star in Thailand’s music industry.

He is a singer and songwriter known for his incredible voice and charismatic stage presence.

His music is a blend of contemporary pop and traditional Thai elements that has won hearts all over the country.

With his soulful vocals and natural charm, Ble Patumrach turns every performance into an unforgettable event.

His talent extends beyond singing; he is also a skilled guitarist, often serenading his audience with his soulful riffs.

Ble Patumrach’s performances are not just about music; they are a complete entertainment package.

His energy, his enthusiasm, and his ability to connect with the audience make his shows a truly remarkable experience.

Get ready for a musical show like you’ve never seen before as Ble Patumrach sets the stage on fire at the Wet and Wild Songkran Festival!

Join Us At The Wet & Wild Songkran Festival

Join us at the festival for a night of great music, beautiful bikini models, and the enchanting performance of Ble Patumrach.

You don’t want to miss it!