Kratae Rsiam at the Wet & Wild Songkran Festival

Watch Kratae Rsiam performing live at the Wet and Wild Songkran Festival 2023.

Kratae Rsiam At The Festival

About Kratae Rsiam

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Born as Tae Bunyalieang, Kratae Rsiam is a popular Luk Thung (Thai country music) and Mor Lam singer in Thailand who rose to stardom with her captivating voice and incredible stage presence.

Her music is a blend of traditional Thai and modern beats, that instantly connects with the audience, making her songs immensely popular.

With her vibrant energy and contagious smile, Kratae Rsiam lights up every stage she steps on.

Her performances are a perfect blend of power-packed vocals and delightful entertainment, leaving the audience speechless every time.

Her dynamic stage presence is truly amazing and that’s why we had to have her at the festival.

As she sings the music, her enthusiasm is infectious, making it impossible for anyone in the club to stay still.

Known for her lively performances and fun-loving personality, Kratae Rsiam never fails to interact with her fans, making her shows an engaging experience.

Get ready to be captivated by Kratae Rsiam as she takes the stage at this year’s Wet and Wild Songkran Festival!

Join Us At The Wet & Wild Songkran Festival

Join us at the festival for an unforgettable night filled with fantastic music, beautiful bikini models, and the outstanding talent of Kratae Rsiam.

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