Natt Chanapa At Wet & Wild Songkran Festival

Watch Natt Chanapa perform live at the Wet and Wild Songkran festival 2023.

Natt At The Festival

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About Natt Chanapa

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Natt Chanapa is a renowned Thai actress, model, and singer who first gained attention in the entertainment industry as a model.

Known also as Kesarin Chaichalermpol or Nong Natt, she has appeared in various magazines, movies, and ads, showcasing her beauty and talent.

Over the years, Natt Chanapa has transitioned her career towards mainstream media, focusing on acting in television dramas and films, as well as working as a TV host.

With her charisma and stunning looks, she has built a dedicated fan base and has become a popular name in the Thai entertainment industry.

In addition to her on-screen work, Natt is also a talented singer and dancer.

She has released several singles and often performs in clubs around Thailand, delivering super sexy shows that leave audiences speechless.

Natt enjoys teasing and engaging with the crowd, making each of her appearances entertaining and fun.

That’s precisely why we need to invite her to perform at the festival.

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